5 Secrets to Drive Free Opt-In Traffic

secrets to driving optin trafficYou’ve labored over your opt-in form, you created an offer that has value, and now you need to drive traffic there to see it. I know this sounds obvious, but the best offer means nothing if no one is stopping by to see it.

Using only one method to drive traffic to your opt-in page probably won’t get the job done. There are many different ways to bring people to your site that you should utilize as many as you possibly can. Using a variety of them will help you achieve the best results. Here are some of the most popular ones to help get you get started.

  • Link to Related Posts – Travel the internet and collect links to post related to yours. Gather them all in one post and submit it to article directories. Don’t forget to link to the articles on your site and add commentary. It is always more valuable for your readers when you share comments. Share the link to your post with the people you’ve linked to as a courtesy.
  • Guest Posts – Writing a guest post on a complementary blog is a good way to get your name out there. Everyone is always looking for fresh content. Especially, if it’s good quality and they don’t have to write it. These sites are easy to locate by doing a search or you can simply email your competing site owners and make the offer to write a post. The resource box with a link back to your site at the end is your reward for your hard work. Build those backlinks baby!
  • Guru Interviews – Guru Interviews are a good way to expose your site to a lot of people who haven’t been there yet. New venues to share your information such as teleseminars, podcasts or email interviews can drive good targeted traffic from many people at one time.
  • Contributors – Rather than having someone just write an occasional guest post, have them listed as a contributor. People love fresh content and a new person can give a new perspective on your niche and add substantial value for your readers. Again, the payoff for them is a link to their site in their resource box.
  • Brandable Reports – A secret technique used by top internet marketers is to giveaway top quality information with links to their products. Once you develop products (or find affiliate products you can recommend) that have brandable reports as a marketing tool just give them away. Make sure they include your affiliate link (if it is an affiliate product) making the benefits two-fold. You have content for your readers and the possibility of making money through affiliate sales.

Your Goal Discover what you market is looking for when they type in a word into Google and give it to them for free! This will drive a massive amount of traffic to your website and you will be well on your way to success.

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