Adding a YouTube Channel to Your Traffic Generation List

A great way to drive additional traffic to your main site is to create a YouTube channel to hub all your videos. This can be an excellent source of free traffic and we all can use more free traffic, cant we?

I started my YouTube video channel for The Guru Hub. Check it out to see all the videos I have posted.

I started The Guru Hub to create content to help others get started online. The plan was to base it a round a series of “how to ” videos to show you exactly how I did a lot of the things I did. There just isn’t anything better than video do accomplish this.

Along the way I started posting most of the videos to YouTube to create some additional free traffic but never knew it could all have a “home” for free on YouTube.

Your YouTube Channel will be your place to hub all your videos and pre-sell your cutomers on stopping by your main site. There are a couple main items that you should include or focus around to make this happen. I picked up some of this from Julie Perry who is now at Blast Media and has created an informative blog post called “7 Ways to Get Website Traffic From YouTube” on this topic.

First things first, remember the goal of your videos and your YouTube channel, to pre-sell your customers on a specific product, your business, your service, or all of the above. Keep this in mind as you create your videos (if you need help creating videos I have a free “how to ” video here)

Next, always lead off with your description with your main page URL. And make sure it is “clickable”! By this I mean add http:// to the front of your web address. This will make your web address a link to your site. This is very important because you want people to be able to click right over to your site quickly while you have their attention.

Try your hand at creating and customizing your YouTube channel and I will create a followup post on how to customize your channel a bit later, but for now just get it up and running as it can be a great traffic generator for you.

Please post your comments below. Has this been helpful?

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