An Inspiring Message From Someone Who Did Not Quit!

Have you ever come across something that inspired you to keep going? I just came across an article that inspired me and I thiougt I would pass it on. It is a blog post from Judy Wright on She is the Author Spotlight for today.

In her blog post she is answering questions about what made her successful and what motivates her, plus the other normal questions asked when completing a quesitonaire.

The finally asked her “If you had to start over again, what would you change?” This was her response:

“I’d relax and realize that I don’t have to do everything at one time. I would also quit feeling guilty because I didn’t understand or implement what I paid someone to tell me. I would conquer one aspect of marketing, like writing articles, and then move to the next. Too many times I would be frustrated because I didn’t “get it” and it seemed like everyone else did. They didn’t. They just quit trying to build an online community and I didn’t.”

Wow, did the BOLD print hit me over the head. She was frustrated because she didn’t think she “got it” and others did. Then she finally realized that others just gave up and she didn’t.

Is that you? Are you going to give up, or are you going to keep pushing and learning and applying yourself until you get where you want to go?

I know this business can be difficult and frustrating, specially if you haven’t made any money or seen any return for your hard work. Fear not, the reward is there, you just have to be better perpared than others and if that doesnt bring you success…that by golly just outlast them.

Be the one that is still standing when the dust clears and you will win in the end. The only one who can stop you is YOU…no one else. Desire, will, and determination will winout over perfection every day. Think about that when you write your next eBook, coaching program, or membership site. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be DONE!

Thank you Judy for your inspiration today. I will keep going and so will many others because of your words today.

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