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10 Tips For Writing Enticing Ad Copy

When it comes to creating a successful PPC campaign there are many elements that you need to get right and a big one of those is ad copy.

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5 Copywriting Techniques That Will Grow Your Email List

I am a big believer in contrarian marketing and there’s one guy I’ve become interested in listening to when it comes to building up email subscribers. His name is Ramsay Taplin and he writes over at The Blog Tyrant. Ramsay’s niche is teaching marketers how to build such great email lists that they don’t have […]

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niche marketing for profits

Niche Down Your Articles For Big Profits

Finding the right niche market can make the difference if you are profitable or not. It could be the life blood of your online business if done properly. It makes no sense to spin your wheels in a niche that doesn’t spend money nor has very little traffic. Conversely, it makes no sense to sell to a market that is too big and undefined.

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Writing a Call to Action – Are You a Wimp or Stud

Writing a good call to action takes guts! After putting all your efforts into writing a great sales letter, make sure you ask for the sale! A “call to action” is what creates customer action and that is what the entire sales process is about. Don’t make the horrible mistake of thinking your readers will recognize what to do next. Map it out for them step by step. Tell them exactly where to go or what to do next!

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hold your customers attention

A Secret Method to Hold Your Customers Attention…But First

The purpose of your sales letter is to grab and keep the attention of your reader. Once you have accomplished that step the next step is to get them to take immediate action. One way to accomplish this is by engaging your reader in a good story without finishing it. After starting the story, pause in the middle to tell them you will complete the story in a minute… but first you would like to tell them about _____.

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article of the year

Simple Steps to Amazing Article Writing

Article writing for marketing purposes is a great way to market your product, service, blog or website. It is a great way to leverage free traffic if you submit your articles to places like or any other of the many article marketing services. Why? Because content is what makes the Internet world go ‘round. Without information, the World Wide Web would be a boring place. The net is ever growing and expanding at a rapid rate and because of content it will continue to do so.

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video rules the internet

Why Content is King (and killer writers not wanted)

Content is king if you want to attract readers to your blog or website. That is what Google is looking for and that is what will keep people coming back to your site over and over again.

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How Can Questions Engage Your Readers?

Have you ever been entertained by a one sided conversation? Me either. So how do you think your readers feel when you are just barking out lifeless information?

Let’s face it, one sided conversions are boring and so is text that does not encourage reader interaction. I have been as guilty as anyone, putting out information that does not ask for interaction. That is until I saw this video blog post at It really made me rethink the way I was posting information.

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