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The Definitive Guide To LinkedIn Groups For Marketing

Creating a LinkedIn LNKD -0.66% profile is just scratching the surface of the B2B social networking platform’s potential; LinkedIn has become an essential networking and marketing tool for business professionals. Whether you’re a marketer or an entrepreneur, it’s important to establish a presence on LinkedIn. But then what?

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HOW TO: Get Started With Photo Blogging

The Digital Photo and Film Series is supported by Adobe® Photoshop® Elements. To connect with the product team, find creative tutorials, tips

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two factor authentication give you more protection

Do You Need More Protection For Your Google Account?

There is no denying that Google is the 800 pound gorilla in the room if you are an internet marketer. You probably have a couple of email accounts and an Adwords and Adsense account too. Well, the question comes up, what would happen is someone hacked into your account? Ho much information would be at risk and what would it cost you.

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Heidi Klum flipping the bird

How I Got Suspended From

Boy…does this suck! I can see getting slapped by Google…who hasn’t had that happen…right? But suspended from WTH. I have since been reinstated and I will show you what I did to get my account suspended in just a minute but let me vent a bit first.

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I’m Packing it in and Calling it a Day!

Did you ever want to just call it a day and forget about internet marketing? Well… me too…. thank God my senses took over and I am back at it.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because I figured you might have had the same problem as me and maybe this could help.

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I Think We Live On The Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Tonight brought me one of the most profound moments in my life. Probably the greatest expression of giving I have ever witnessed.

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The FIFA World Cup Highlights Our Ignorance Of The World Market

Have you had a chance to watch the FIFA World Cup Soccer? I have watch a little but it occurred to me the immense market that is at internet marketers doorstep.

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Not Using “The Pyramid” Could Ruin Your Marketing Efforts

The shape of the ancient pyramids were such that most of the weight was at the bottom of the structure. While this is opposite of the pyramid that I want to discuss the shape is the same.

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ironman and Dream by Zban

Ironman 2 – The “Dream” Continues

If you had an opportunity to read the last post about me being a tad eclectic then this post should prove that out. You see, about six month ago I wrote a song called Dream which was supposed to be for a villain in a James Bond movie, however, when I saw the trailer for the new Ironman 2 movie I knew it was a perfect fit.

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