Do You Need More Protection For Your Google Account?

two factor authentication give you more protection

What is Two Factor Authentication

There is no denying that Google is the 800 pound gorilla in the room if you are an internet marketer.

You probably have a couple of email accounts and an Adwords and Adsense account too. Well, the question comes up, what would happen if someone hacked into your account?

How much information would be at risk and what would it cost you?

Google has introduced advanced sign-in security that can greatly reduce the likelihood that your account can get hacked. It is called two-factor authentication and something that I highly recommend you enable to protect your Google account.

Who recommends two factor authentication

Matt Cutts, the Google guru (hey… this is The Guru Hub), recently wrote about two-factor authentication in his blog and even made a video explaining Google’s Social Search. Matt knows his stuff as he works for Google and is the guy to watch when it comes to maximizing your use of any tools associated with Google. Anyway, two factor authentication sound like something he views as a necessity these days.

He writes about the Gawker password incident and how that compromised the accounts of many people. No one would want to relive that pain and this would prevent that kind of thing from happening.

Basically what two-factor authentication does is add a layer of protection to your account. So lets say… you would know your password and then add your cell phone number too. This would give you an extra layer of protection. If hackers ever did figure out your password they would still need to crack your second layer of protection.

Two factor authentication is a bit of a pain in the butt… but well worth the time and effort.

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