How to Make Your Links “Clickable”

Ever wonder how some words are “clickable” and some are not? If you are trying to create backlinks to your site then you need to know how to make your words “clickable” so people can click on them and go to your site.

When I say “clickable” what I really mean is redirecting someone to another web page when they click on your name or website. It is easy to do and something you should be doing every time you visit a blog and leave your website or signature. Here is how you do it.

Instead of leaving the web address to your site as, you need to add http:// to it to make it clickable. So…you could create a link to your site simple by typing the following : Replace “theguruhub” with your domain name and you are all set. You now have a “clickable” link to your site.

See, I told you it was simple. Do you think you can use this information? If you have any questions please email me and I will be glad to help you.

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