Secrets to a Mega Profitable Squeeze Page

The importance of a mega profitable squeeze page can’t be overstated. A top notch squeeze page can get you started building that high producing email list you’ve always wanted. It can also set you up for a very profitable back end sales funnel that could double or triple your sales profit.

One of the reasons an excellent squeeze page is so important is to “squeeze” the email address out of your reader so you can use the information they provide you for follow up marketing…the mighty “back end” sales game.

Some marketers don’t even plan to make a profit on the original sale. They will spend the entire profit just to get the email address. Think about that. It is so profitable to gain an email address that some marketers will give up all their profit just to get you on their list. This should give you a good indication of where the “real” money is and what you should be focused on if you want to be competitive.

If you use this properly, your squeeze page has the power to boost your visitor-to-subscriber conversion rates, allowing you to send follow-up communications that will in turn help convert your subscribers to buyers. This is the “holy grail” for an internet marketer. This is what keep the money coming in and the world going round.

I have assembled some tips to help you build, or improve, your squeeze page. They are pretty easy to implement and should get you on the right track in no time.

Keep it Simple!

A squeeze page is meant to serve one purpose – get subscribers to your list. Don’t get carried away and end up with clutter everywhere like affiliate links and other offers. As a matter of fact, less is more when it comes to a squeeze page. It is better to have less on a squeeze page than to overwhelm your visitors with too many options. Keep them focused on the optin.

Make your intentions clear – you want them to subscribe, not click off your page? If your page is too cluttered your reader will get lost and move on. You have to make it clear exactly what you want them to do. If you give them too many choices they won’t make one at all. Think about the old Saturday Night Live skit where John Belushi plays an owner of a small restaurant and all they offer is cheeseburger, cheeseburger. It didn’t take his customers long to decide what they wanted did it? They were focused. The same principal applies here.

Make a Compelling Offer

There are a lot of other people online offering basically the same things you are. You are all competing for the same customers and your competition wants your readers to sign up for their site too. So, what makes you different? Why should they sign up with you instead of them? Why should they give you permission to continue to contact them?

The first step is to speak to your reader in terms they can understand. Speak to their problems and their pain. Tell them how you will solve their issues and then tell them what you want them to do next.

Let your readers know exactly what to expect when they sign up for your list. What are the benefits to being on your list? Figure it out and then tell them how being on your list will solve every (fill in your area of expertise here) problem they have. Pull out all the stops and make a compelling offer.

One way to make sure this happens is to under promise and over deliver. You hear it all the time but it is so true. If you promise a weekly newsletter you’d better send them a newsletter every week or be prepared for the mass unsubscribe when you haven’t mailed them for months and your readers no longer remember who you are or why they subscribed in the first place. Give them what you promised and then some. This will not only keep them as customers, it will inspire them to tell their friends about you too.

Follow Up Relentlessly

A mega profitable squeeze page will make your prospects want what you’re offering so badly they don’t hesitate in giving you their name and email address. It creates trust and confidence and these are the building blocks for a very profitable relationship.

We have been trained to expect immediate gratification. Our society is addicted to it so if you’ve offered an ebook or ecourse as an incentive for them to sign up to your list – give it to them immediately! If you promised it and did not deliver the free stuff, what do you think that is saying about you delivering any product that they might buy?

Don’t make them wait for anything. Use an autoresponder to send out the information right away. If you don’t have one you should get one if you plan on being in this business unless you want to stay glued to your computer 24/7. I use Aweber and love it. I started out a couple years back and now have ten or twelve email lists with them. They deliver your email on time and are very reliable. There are other companies out there so do your homework but Aweber is highly regarded in the industry and won’t disappoint.

Constantly Test, Tweak and Test Again

The major difference between a marketer that will make it and one that will go broke is testing. Successful marketers test everything all the time. Start out running a split test with two squeeze pages against each other to see which gives you the highest conversion. After that, test again, and again, and again to increase your conversion rate. I can tell you not everyone is doing this so this could separate you from the competition right here.

While we hope that every decision we make with our online business will result in enormous success, unfortunately, this is not always the case. And even if we did call it correctly, it is all relative because where you start cannot be where you end up. You have to keep improving all the time.

If the copy on your squeeze page doesn’t seem to be drawing your readers to sign up, you might need to take a look at how you’re driving traffic to your squeeze page. Everything is subject to change and the more you test the faster you will improve and the more profit you will make.

Never be afraid to ask a mentor or someone with some background in Internet marketing their honest opinion of your squeeze page. Keep an open mind to what they have to say and what you need to hear. Then, make the necessary changes. The more you fail the faster you succeed so embrace failure as a step towards improvement and your ultimate goal.

There you have it, my take on what make up a profitable squeeze page: Keep it Simple, make a Compelling Offer, Always Follow Up, and Test, Test, Test!

Now, go out and create the best squeeze page you can. It doesn’t have to be perfect but, it does have to exist so get with it and get it up on your site. You will be amazed at what a good list will do for your income. Make sure you stick to the basics and use persuasive copy that gives them a reason to opt-in. From there, the sky is the limit!

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