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Gregg Zban from "The Guru Hub"

Does The WP Auto Tagger Plugin Help Or Hurt Your WordPress SEO?

I have conflicting thoughts about the effectiveness of the WP Auto Tagger plugin for Wordpress. I have been using it for the better part of a year now purely because of convenience but have not seen the results that I would like to be seeing.

If you are not familiar with the WP Auto Tagger for Wordpress, it is a plugin which automatically pulls keywords from your copy and enters them into your “post tags” area. This is the area that tells the search engines what your article is about.

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Woedpress SEOpressor

A WordPress Plugin I Can’t Live Without – And You Shouldn’t Either

I have just tested Daniel Tan’s SEOPressor Wordpress Plugin and I can only say, it is a revolutionary! Not only revolutionary,but MANDATORY! I think if you are serious about making money with your Wordpress Websites by scoring high GOOGLE Ranking, you need this plugin, period.

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facebook advertising ebook

Secrets to Mega Marketing on Facebook

Facebook is exploding and it is PERFECT FOR LOCAL MARKETING! This book will give you the road map.

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wordpress logo

Just Learned About A New Time Saving Feature in WordPress

I just discovered the secret to timely Blog posts in Wordpress! Yahoo! If you are an experienced marketer maybe you are already aware of this however, I have been posting to blogs for the better part of two years now and just came across this time saving feature.

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Does Adding Video To A Sales Page Increase Conversions?

I recently added a video to one of my niche market sales pages to see if I could increase the conversion rate. Does it really help? We’ll find out in a month or so.

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secrets to driving optin traffic

5 Secrets to Drive Free Opt-In Traffic

You’ve labored over your opt-in form, you created an offer that has value, and now you need to drive traffic there to see it. I know this sounds obvious, but the best offer means nothing if no one is stopping by to see it.

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trafficgeyser list

Complete List of My Traffic Geyser Posting Sites

I was a member of Traffic Geyser and simply loved it for pushing out content quickly and easily (once you were all set up -:)). But after a while I found some free resources, including Tube Mogul, that did the important stuff for free so I have gone the free route for a while to check it out.

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man playing video game on his lap top computer

Five Ways to Remain Unproductive

Have you ever sat down at your computer to write an article or get some work done only to have the time slip by and you have nothing accomplished? I have gradually been sucked into this trap recently and before I knew it my productivity had sunk to an all time low. Here is a list of five things to avoid when it is time to be productive.

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An Inspiring Message From Someone Who Did Not Quit!

Have you ever come across something that inspired you to keep going? I just came across an article that inspired me and I thiougt I would pass it on. It is a blog post from Judy Wright on EzineArticles.com. She is the Author Spotlight for today.

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Lets Connect – Post Your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blog Urls Here

I just came across a great article on connecting and sharing links at The Extreme Ezine. This could create a good amount of back links for everyone if we all do this correctly (no spam, advertising links, squeeze pages, etc).

Just think about the amount of “link juice” we can create if we all subscribed to each others Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts and leave comments.

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