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5 Location-Based Mobile Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

With location-based marketing, you can do double duty, promoting your brand while helping potential customers find you. And those customers will want to find you, especially when they’re on the go. In fact, more than 40 percent of mobile Web searches are for local businesses, according to Google. If you haven’t fine-tuned your small business’ […]

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HOW TO: Get Started With Photo Blogging

The Digital Photo and Film Series is supported by Adobe® Photoshop® Elements. To connect with the product team, find creative tutorials, tips

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3 Steps To Find The Value Of Your Customer

Do you know the “value” of your customer? What they cost to get and what you will earn from them after acquiring them? It is a tricky game but one that could make a big difference in your financial outcome.

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Do You Need More Protection For Your Google Account?

There is no denying that Google is the 800 pound gorilla in the room if you are an internet marketer. You probably have a couple of email accounts and an Adwords and Adsense account too. Well, the question comes up, what would happen is someone hacked into your account? Ho much information would be at risk and what would it cost you.

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How I Got Suspended From EzineArtilces.com

Boy…does this suck! I can see getting slapped by Google…who hasn’t had that happen…right? But suspended from ezinearticles.com. WTH. I have since been reinstated and I will show you what I did to get my account suspended in just a minute but let me vent a bit first.

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Google Places is the Place to Be For Local Businesses

Google Places is an absolute must for local businesses. And yet… I don’t think that half of the local businesses out there have a clue that they should belong to this valuable resource.

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Woedpress SEOpressor

A WordPress Plugin I Can’t Live Without – And You Shouldn’t Either

I have just tested Daniel Tan’s SEOPressor Wordpress Plugin and I can only say, it is a revolutionary! Not only revolutionary,but MANDATORY! I think if you are serious about making money with your Wordpress Websites by scoring high GOOGLE Ranking, you need this plugin, period.

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The SEO Secret That Will Change The Way You Promote Your Website!

I have been marketing online now for about a year and a half and I have seen everything there is to see to boost your traffic to your website. I mean everything….link wheels, stuff keywords, articles with links, buy traffic, buy links, meta tags, on page video linking, you name it…I have probably tried it.

Then I came a cross this little tip ebook from Jeramey “Shoemoney” Schoemaker about SEO. it is only 12 pages long but it is packed with great information on SEO.

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Search Results

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How Many Services Should You Ping – This is My Recommended List

I have seen a few articles lately on pinging your blog posts. I can only speak from my experience but I have compiled this list from several different sources and it seems to work really well. Just copy and past it to Wordpress/Settings/Writing/Update Services at the bottom of the page.

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