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Marketing to Women: What to Do/What Not to Do… Without Appearing Too Contradictory

I find the marketing to women space completely fascinating and, I believe, challenging for marketers to wrap their heads around. To me there are two main factors that drive the current interest in marketing to women.

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10 Online Marketing Predictions To Inform Your Strategy in 2014

Business marketing last year was like a roller coaster ride. We saw new platforms, new channels, new roles and new tools pop up all over the place. It’s as though innovation and growth is speeding up all around us and we are surrounded by opportunities to reach new customers and delight them. So what’s next? […]

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Why Sharing Online Content Might Be Too Easy

On Twitter, a well-known chef recommends a restaurant in your town. You trust the chef. You trust his advice. What’s more, he gave you a loca…

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