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I Want It Now! Even if it is 3 AM!

Did you ever sign up for an email list and in the sales page it says they will deliver (what ever they are promising you) to your email instantly….. “yes, even if it is 3 am in the morning”. Well, they are using an email autoresponder to automate their business.

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An Inspiring Message From Someone Who Did Not Quit!

Have you ever come across something that inspired you to keep going? I just came across an article that inspired me and I thiougt I would pass it on. It is a blog post from Judy Wright on EzineArticles.com. She is the Author Spotlight for today.

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The Importance of Reducing the Learning Curve

When I first started trying to market online everything was trial and error. I didn’t know where to start but I did know that I was going to jump right in and figure it out. That seems to be the best way for me, don’t procrastinate, just jump right in. So that is what I did. Little did I know how complicated things could be.

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