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I’m Packing it in and Calling it a Day!

Did you ever want to just call it a day and forget about internet marketing? Well… me too…. thank God my senses took over and I am back at it.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because I figured you might have had the same problem as me and maybe this could help.

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secrets to driving optin traffic

5 Secrets to Drive Free Opt-In Traffic

You’ve labored over your opt-in form, you created an offer that has value, and now you need to drive traffic there to see it. I know this sounds obvious, but the best offer means nothing if no one is stopping by to see it.

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Affiliate Marketing is All About Conversions

After you have done all you can to drive traffic to your site, the next step is offering a product that converts. It can be very disappointing to know that you’ve completed all your research and followed each and every step only to find that the hungry niche that your research has led you to aren’t buying as much as you expected. It may be time to reevaluate the vendor you’re promoting.

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How to Pick a Niche

It is important to pick a niche before you pick a product to promote as an affiliate or before you decide to create your own product. In this video we will show you how to research different niches and decide which are potentially profitable and which are not.

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The Basics of Sales Copy

Don’t try to over think the selling process in you sales copy. If you stray too far from these simple rules your copy will lose its focus and you could lose sales. Keep it simple by answering these three basic questions:

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