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2016 Presidential Candidates Placing Emphasis on New Marketing Techniques

Because presidential elections only happen once every four years, it’s always interesting to see how campaigning changes in reference to technologies and tactics. A lot of innovation happens over the course of four years and it’s very rare for candidates to follow the same formula as those who went before them. In the 2016 race […]

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Marketing Your Business In Our Age Of Mass Empowerment

I don’t write new blog posts every day, as some people do, writes Robert Clay of Marketing Wizdom. But this one is a biggie if you own, run or manage a business, and also an important one if you haven’t fully embraced or adapted your marketing approach to today’s vastly changed business landscape. The end […]

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Keys to Successful Small Business Ventures: Know More About Lead Generation

The easiest and best way of growing customers is not to lose them. An average business makes a loss of about 20 percent of customers every year, on not being able to attend to customer relationships. The leakage can be as high as about 80 percent. The cost is staggering, yet only a few businesses can truly understand these implications.

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grow sales by bundling products and one time offers

Double Your Sales and Reduce Your Costs with Product Bundling and One Time Offers

One of the big reasons for my increased success was the bundling of products and implementing “OTO’s” (One Time Offers). These two strategies have almost double my business in a short period of time. Are there other factors involved, most certainly, but the strategies with the biggest impact are product bundling and putting together “one time offers”

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