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grow sales by bundling products and one time offers

Double Your Sales and Reduce Your Costs with Product Bundling and One Time Offers

One of the big reasons for my increased success was the bundling of products and implementing “OTO’s” (One Time Offers). These two strategies have almost double my business in a short period of time. Are there other factors involved, most certainly, but the strategies with the biggest impact are product bundling and putting together “one time offers”

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video rules the internet

Why Content is King (and killer writers not wanted)

Content is king if you want to attract readers to your blog or website. That is what Google is looking for and that is what will keep people coming back to your site over and over again.

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How to Make Your Links “Clickable”

Ever wonder how some words are “clickable” and some are not? If you are trying to create backlinks to your site then you need to know how to make your words “clickable” so people can click on them and go to your site.

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Mashable Highlights Googles New Site Performance Tool

The Latest update from Mashable.com highlights the new Google Site Performance Tool. This tool is now available from the Webmaster Tools Labs and is designed to speed up your web page performance.

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