Tests and Tweaks Can Minimize Valley’s and Peaks

I was in a rhyming mood so I had to throw that title in just to see if you were paying attention -:)! Good marketers test repeatedly. Even if they are getting a good result they continue to test and tweak to make sure they are getting the best results possible. Many affiliate marketers set up their web pages with links and never consider them again. This is like leaving money on the table and is usually one of the major differences between making a ton of money and losing money. Yes, the line is that fine.

It’s easy to fall into the habit of thinking that a certain program just doesn’t convert well, or that you’ll never be able to earn much money with that program. That could very well be the case; however, it might be that just tweaking things a bit can greatly increase your commissions. When you are just starting out this does not seem like that big a deal but I can tell you from experience that it is a deal breaker.

I have run many campaigns that just didn’t make any money, actually lost money on pay per click advertising and I did not test and tweak the ads, the graphics, and the words that make up the ads. I was looking for a quick buck in what I thought was a hot market. Well, most of the time hot markets are highly competitive and you have to compete at a very high level right from the start or be taken to the cleaners by your competition.

I can guarantee you, your competition is testing and tweaking everything and so must you to earn the money you want. Make no mistake, the money is out there, in buckets, and if you can optimize your ad better than your competitors then the rewards are yours.

For example, if you have only text links on a page you might test a graphic image near the text to see how that converts. Not just any graphic, put some real thought behind it. What would cause you to click an ad? People are impulsive and if you can paint a picture of a desired result or a resolution to their problem people will be drawn to your ad.

People are drawn to pictures (especially of people or a desired result) and a graphic can work wonders. We are visual creatures and or minds are stimulated thousands of times a daily with pictures. Each picture makes us think of something and if your picture takes a potential customer to a desired place you could be one step ahead of your competition.

Alternatively, if you only have a graphic image you might want to test text links as well. Many marketers swear by text links only because they put them in the flow of the text or article. These usually have a higher click through rate because they don’t appear as advertisements, thus the readers “advertising” guard is down and they are more receptive to clicking on your ad links.

Just as with graphics, little tweaks to your text can go a long way toward helping you get higher conversions and ultimately a larger affiliate check.

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