“The Secret Classroom” is the Best Coaching Value I Have Ever Seen!

I hate to blatantly endorse a product but I just purchased “The Secret Classroom” and it is the best coaching and value I have EVER seen! It is a collection of live seminar videos from some of the biggest names in the industry. You should decide right now if you want to trust me or not. If the answer is yes, then this is the most affordable training I have seen in the last two years.

I am all about bringing you value, that is why I have posted all the free “how to” videos to this blog. This product should cost $1997 (if it did I would not recommend it to you because it wouldn’t be a great value) and it would have been worth every penny.

It includes 22 hours of coaching for only $47. Internet heavyweights like Rich Schefren, Marlon Sanders (I loved his presentation on “positioning”, you’ve got to see it!), Jeff Walker, Mike Koenigs, Brad Fallon, Mike Filsaime, and the list goes on. I have been marketing since Nov 2007 and this is the best value I have come across.

When I saw this sales page I was convinced this would cost $1997 or some ridiculous price that I could not afford. When I saw the actual price I could not believe it. Please give it a look, you will thank me when you do!

Some big nuggets from Marlon Sanders include how to come up with your big idea (simple formula) and where to position it for the most profit. What to do if you are a market leader and competitors attack you. How you should position your product if you are #2, 3, or 4 in the market and when you should use guerrilla marketing.

I am blown away by what I have seen from “The Secret Classroom” and I am changing the positioning of some of my products to match up with what I have learned. Incredible information.

***this is an affiliate link and I could make a small commission if you purchase something…. but you will thank me when you see all the top notch information.

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