Unique Ways To Market Your Small Business That Don’t Cost A Lot Of Money

dog watching a movieSmall businesses face an uphill battle when it comes to marketing their product or service. Trying to compete on a daily basis with larger companies with deeper pockets can be a frustrating and fiscally draining task. One that I don’t recommend (for obvious reasons).

Smart entrepreneurs have turned to less traditional means to get the word out about there products. Some of these methods make sense once you review them. A few of these might even have you asking ” why didn’t I think of that”?

Here are unique ways to market your business without spending a lot of money:

1) Sell Your Product In Non Traditional LocationsGSC Products was having problems getting their product in drug stores like CVS, Walgreen, RiteAid and others. With slotting fees and ramped up competition creating an un-scalable barrier they decided to go the unconventional route by placing there nasal spray in Hardware and Automotive stores as well as garden centers. These placements offered a much hire visibility and less money to place.

2) Twitter – Social media is like the “time suck bottomless pit” unless you know how to get the most out of it. Twitter can be a valuable tool when used properly. Like using #hashtags to make your Tweets easier to find. Small Business Trends published a handy article titled “How To Get Your Content Shared On Twitter” which has good information to help you get the most out of Twitter.

3) Email Marketing – Hopefully you have started building a customer email list. If not, get started now. I use and recommend Aweber. They are one of the industries best and most reliable and have plans starting below $20. Email marketing is one of the lowest cost, highest return marketing activities you can ever implement. It might not drive your business in the beginning but it will certainly take over that spot as your business grows. “Getting Started With Email Marketing” can help you with the basics and get you on your way.

4) Facebook – Facebook continues to grow in popularity among small business people. With the migration of the youth generation to social media platforms such as Instrgram, Vine, SnapChat and other platforms, Facebook has become even more suited for small business. Choosing The Right Facebook Ad Type is important though as you could find yourself spending a considerable amount of cash and not on the people who will give you the highest ROI. I found that out the hard way after Facebook moved their billing to monthly instead of daily. I ended up with a huge bill and nothing to show for it. In all honesty, it was my mistake… but i certainly learned from it. Make sure you take the time you “target” your ads to your target audience. Not just your friends or people you “liked” your business page.

5) YouTube – If you think YouTube is for kids… forget about it! Google bought YouTube several years ago for one specific reason. People love video! Heck… I love video and prefer it when learning. I even went so far as to have my course “Small Business Marketing Basics” available in print and on DVD or online streaming video at Udemy.

YouTube IS the new Yellow Pages. It is were people go to find tips and how to videos on everything from changing a headlight to ironing a shirt. Having Several YouTube videos about your product or service can build brand credibility and authority.

A YouTube video is not hard to make. It can be done on a smartphone or iPhone and edited after you upload it. The benefits for local businesses is more than only building credibility and authority. It also helps your Google or Yahoo search engine ranking when you link the videos back to your website.

Which methods you use to promote your product or service doesn’t matter as much doing something. There are many marketing activities you can implement with little or no cost if you spend the time to search them out.


Need help marketing your business? Small Business Marketing Basics home study course is a great place to start.

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